Creative Confidence

        Confidence can be described as a state of certainty about the truth of something and/or the appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.
        Confidence within the creative process arises when we start to sense — and ultimately believe in — who we really are in our essence. This is the state of being where a challenge is just that, a challenge, not some scary monster that’s trying to get us in the dark.
        As writers and artists of all backgrounds, we know that struggles, doubts, and all sorts of internal disarrays are normal, if not vital, to the deeper searches that will yield our most meaningful artistic expressions.
        And yet, at times we all may hit some walls that will make us feel trapped within our own stories. We may feel derailed, unsettled, off-center, discouraged or confused. We may lose sight of who we really are. Not really an artist of a certain caliber? Not quite as eloquent, poignant, significant, powerful, moving, skilled as others? Feel free to fill in your particular brand of ‘less than’ or ‘not enough.’ And of course, we’re on top of that, aware and not surprised, but still not able to get out of this all too familiar rut. So why does that matter? It matters because a certain amount of healthy self-reflection and dissolving of useless thought patterns can make a world of a difference in your creative process. 
        Wouldn’t it be cool if you didn’t have to face and fight the same old, ugly demons every time you’re starting a new project? Unless you enjoy this particular sort of sportive activity, I’d say, let’s have look, let’s see what’s up, why don’t we?
        Watch the expressions and movements of both cats. Do you think that either one of them — regardless of their size, breed or background — has any confidence issues? Right? So how did they get there? The answer may be obvious but worth contemplating. Both cats, domestic and wild, know exactly who they are. And everything they face and do comes from this naturally confident place of being. Wouldn’t it be cool to move through your creative process with this much prowess and swagger? 
        Confidence comes from knowing who you are. Finding out who you are will take time and practice. If you’d like to explore what this may mean for you in a safe and supportive setting, I’m here for you. For more information please go to