Glow Worms

Every day the four of us, two horses, my dog and I, walk through the magical surroundings here at the ranch, the sounds of our hooves and feet blending with all the other natural rhythms around us. I often think how every step each one of us makes is a short moment of flight followed by a short moment of touching down. Every time we touch down Earth absorbs these small, buzzy energy fields that our feet transmit. In my mind’s eye, they are little, concentric circles that vibrate from the inside out, little rhythm stamps that expand, touch, overlap, intermingle and celebrate when they meet before spreading out even further. How far no one can say. It doesn’t matter. The universe is big enough.

The interesting part is — and this may just be the ramblings of a woman whose many friends and family members are spread out all over the globe and who is spending a lot of time with the animals in the woods — the interesting part of this inner eye vision is that when you see how these little rhythm stamps are flying and touching down all over the surface of the Earth, you can not really, in all seriousness, uphold the veracity of the idea of non-belonging.

If you were to find yourself in outer space you could see these millions and billions of buzzy, little energy stamps wrapping the Earth in a pulsating net of iridescent dots, a planet covered by a sea of tiny, sparkling glow worms, each one forming its own little pool of radiance, adding luminescence to itself, its surroundings, to the planet, and beyond. It looks as if the image of the twinkling stars is being reflected by an orb-shaped mirror — a giant disco ball — all made up of little YOUs and MEs, all melting into one big, beautiful ONE.

No matter who, what and where we are, it’s always the same, we momentarily rise before we touch back down. We may be walking, skipping, running, swimming, dancing in silk sheets or dragging in rags, flying an airplane or riding a horse, we always engage in moments of flight followed by moments of touchdowns, creating our unique stamps of rhythm and adding light to the universal symphony that moves our lives.

We’re all always connected. There is no ‘all by myself.’ The idea of being different, separate, an outsider or not part of this world in some way is an illusion the egoic part of our mind creates to keep us from changing, from growing, from moving forward on the paths that are ours to follow. It’s just a matter of perspective, inner eye or outer space, but something in this vision tells me that we can’t ever not belong. Again, this may just be the rambling of a woman who spends too much time in the woods with the animals and in her head, but perhaps, just for a moment, consider the possibility, feel into yourself and see what’s true for you.


[First published 10-12-2017]



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